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i like how instead of catching up on sleep, i’m watching makeup tutorials on how to contour your nose.
guess what i’ll never need to contour? my fucking nose.

my spring/summer shopping includes four sweaters and exactly ZERO hoodies. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?

You deserve good things, and I want to be one of them.
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oh man, this is stunning.

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this road has over taught me lessons
about my lonely soul
i am young and getting wiser,
soon i will grow old
trip my heart from misconceptions
fill my eyes with grief
let me make my own connections
in this endless sea.


"Steven Moffat has hinted that there will be will further developments on why the TARDIS dislikes Clara."


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Having survived two assassination attempts, Mexican mayor found beaten to death

  • Maria Santos Gorrostieta had been stabbed, beaten and burned
  • She defied Mexico’s powerful drug gangs, who twice tried to gun her down previously
  • She was kidnapped in broad daylight in front of her terrified daughter 
  • The former mayor leaves behind three children

This is an absolutely heart-wrenching and tragic story. If anybody ever dismisses wanting to end the nonsensical US drug war and the cause of drug legalization as something frivolous and self-serving to potheads, make sure you link them this article. 50000 Mexican people have died in cartel violence since 2006.

How in the world do people anywhere in the world find this acceptable?

The violence of the drug war is an everyday reality for Mexico. Yet, these stories are rarely found in American media. 

Just this weekend, 20 bodies were found in a mass grave, asphyxiated, beaten or shot in southeast Juarez, which borders El Paso, Texas.

Drug war violence has claimed more than 50,000 lives in Mexico since 2006. 

I also know someone who lives in El Paso, and they’ve seen heads of people hanging by the highways. It’s not good at all.

Oh, the stories I cannot tell. It’s fucked up, y’all. It is entirely fucked.

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Friday = Hockey, beer, and binge watching 24

Friday = Hockey, beer, and binge watching 24