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some horrible individual at the lush kitchen decided to include a sample of this with my most recent kitchen purchase. i smell/feel like a goddess and maybe i’m just imagining things, but my skin has a soft glow to it as well.

god damnit. this awful product costs forty dollars and it’ll only be a (short) matter of time before it ends up in my shower.

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Jason Mraz,
On Love In Sadness [The EMinor EP In F]

for good measure, here’s an old one.

one of my favorite musicians (barring his most recent two albums and his current personality) is jason mraz. i’ve seen him live three times in a period of about ten months. each time i saw him, it was in completely different venues with varying crowds. 2008-2009 is my version of jason mraz’s peak. he was touring with a horn section (!!!) and still collaborating with toca rivera. i was front row for two of the shows (one seated, one standing) and lawn for the last show (but front row for partial encore because he went to the lawn for it).

each show was notably different. the first show was delightful because “i’m yours” was taking off and he focused on keeping the show intimate with gorgeous acoustic versions of songs that are often so built up that they lose their meaning. he was a smart ass (what? no way) and openly mocked how his career was going commercial, again. i was sitting next to his mom (aww) and it was just a special night all around.

the second show was at a local college auditorium and it was the day before valentine’s day. he was a bit more preachy than he was five months before that point, but i let it go as the music was just s’good. he did a solo electric version of one of his older songs that…no one seemed to know. my impression of the show was that instead of going acoustic as he had before, the hit that “i’m yours” became actually pushed him back to electric guitar (albeit, temporarily). he played the deeper cuts because “no one” was there for that purpose. It was such a spite-filled show in that regard and that mood was pretty much made clear in the first fifteen minutes of ben fold’s set in which he yelled at the crowd and at some point, booed. in spite of this, the music was incredible and as much as mraz seemed to hate the increase in fame and attention, it seemed to make him more appreciative of the few of us in the crowd that genuinely loved his music.

the final show was magical in a different way. my friend and i had lawn seats, which were spent standing as it rained so hard that the lawn was melting away. it was a great show. the production was a bit much, but mraz appeared to buck the obviously standard set list by adding in a few spontaneous covers and having more kinship with the lawn crowd than with those that paid to be close to him. he rewarded us lawn folk by heading up to the lawn for most of his encore. front row for that? obviously.

following that tour, a live release came out. there was one amazing new song within that release, but what i found was an increasingly standard live presence with a dude that had decided to become more and more of a yuppie and less and less of the person that created the music that i loved. his next album, which was titled “love is a four letter word” is one that is largely forgettable. he stopped collaborating with toca rivera and started working with raining jane, a group of forgettable young women, that are at least partially responsible for the super awful shift in his music. two songs on that are good. two. one of which has since lost his meaning because of what a self-involved jackass he is. if you’re still with me and you want to know what i’m talking about, google “tristan prettyman and jason mraz breakup.”

this week, mraz’s new album dropped. it’s awful. i feel like he was given complete control of the album process and no one told him to knock this schtick off. i’m always amused when someone from the record company decides it’s time for him to get a haircut/shower/take off the dumb fedora hat. i just wish that the record executives would make that stick outside of his collaborative pop moments (a la hunter hayes and travie mccoy). jason’s team has just announced new shows for the year and it appears that he will be playing an “intimate” show at an expensive theatre that happens to be a few blocks from the venue i saw him at back in ‘08. the show will sell out, it will likely be expensive, and maybe even his humor will make a brief appearance. but i imagine that it will largely be self-indulgent and that is a damn shame.


jason mraz used to be awesome live and now is a self-indulgent yuppie surrounded by young chicks and it’s taking a toll on his actual fan base because homie is playing a dc venue half the size of the last one he played for his promo tour in 2008. karma is a hell of a thing.


Stop being so perfect.

here’s a few purely visual reasons as to why Greenie cannot be traded.

bustin’ through my personal to-do list because control and order over nonsense is how i’m getting through the day.



"americans are thirsty"

at least we have some tea to drink last time i checked YOURS WAS IN THE HARBOR.


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i just had two beers and now i’m sitting in my room blasting old pop punk and doing my best impression of billie joe armstrong.


"And then my heart with pleasure fills,

And dance’s with the daffodils.” 

For these Kennedys, the lines above from the William Wordsmith poem “Daffodils” symbolized their feelings for each other and inspired Ted’s personal wedding gift to his bride, an oil painting of daffodils, which he made. It took Ted more than a couple of hours to perfect his gift.


Voltaire and Rousseau 
12-14 Otago Ln, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G12 8PB, United Kingdom

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