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just because you know a day will end up terrible doesn’t mean that the reality of it is any easier.


My new life strategy is to watch Criminal Minds every day and pretend that Shemar Moore is my boyfriend.

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Ryan Adams,
Newport Folk 2014


hey look it’s the best new RA song. BEST. AND IT’S NOT EVEN ON THE NEW RECORD.

How the fuck is this not on the record?

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Hellogoodbye EP

man, hellogoodbye was super cute back in the day.

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political scientist, you mean like the song???
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fair warning, this is self-indulgent at best.

i miss being in a relationship. i even miss the broken and one-sided relationships (yes, that one). let’s be real, it’s been years. i’ve managed to push aside those that care because i’ve got far bigger things to focus one. i’ve even managed to sabotage myself along the way. there are a few men that i wish i had really given myself a chance with. sure, it likely would have ended in ruin, but at least it would have happened.

i’m not still in college. i can’t easily fall into some relationship with some slightly bearded man. i don’t have the time or the heart for it. but i wish i did. i lay awake most nights wishing i had someone to text or speak to until i fall asleep. the subtleties of it all, i miss it. i miss the smell, his hair, the beard, the almost snore, and the smirk. i wish i had someone good in my corner. i’d love to be in someone’s corner. as long as he was good and worth it.


no? so, why the fuck are you acting like you are one?




Are you even real

Ok, NOW I have a crush on him. Officially.

Bless his sweet heart. Oh my gosh.

What a good dude. Christ.

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